EverSmile Australia

EverSmile WhitenFresh

The only on-the-go, teeth whitening, breath freshening dental spray


Whitens Teeth

Our patented EverClean™ Technology whitens your teeth using only 3.8% hydrogen peroxide with virtually no sensitivity - you can use it up to 6 times per day!

Freshens Breath

WhitenFresh™ contains hydrogen peroxide which not only whitens your teeth, but also kills bacteria that cause bad breath.


With WhitenFresh™, your smile will always be picture perfect even when you don't have the time to brush throughout the day.



Spray up to 4 pumps into mouth onto your tongue as well as your teeth.


Use your tongue to spread WhitenFresh™ over your teeth and swish for 60s.


Spit out excess or swallow. Enjoy fresher breath and whiter teeth!

I drink a lot of coffee throughout the day at work this is EXACTLY what I've been looking for - it not only kills my coffee breath, but it has a slight bubbling/foaming agent which feels like it's brushing my teeth on the go!

– Amy

Literally my new favourite teeth whitener - I'm addicted! Unlike other products, WhitenFresh doesn't hurt my teeth at all and I can use it several times a day. I have received non-stop comments on how white my teeth are after just 3 weeks!

– Kath